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Angus Pay to Park


Angus Pay to Park allows you to pay for parking in car parks operated by Angus Council. You can either purchase a parking permit in advance, or pay for parking sessions individually.

Parking permits

A parking permit allows you to park in any of the car parks operated by Angus Council. Up to three vehicles may be registered at any time, however only one may be active at any time. Both 6 monthly and yearly permits are available. For more information, please visit


Registration is not essential to start a parking session, however once registered, starting a parking session will be much quicker. Registered customers also benefit from reports of their parking history, periodic billing and 'start-stop' parking sessions. Registration is available at To register an account, you will be required to provide:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • your vehicle registration number(s)
  • your debit or credit card details

You will also have to choose a password that must be entered whenever you log in.

Logging in

Registered customers can log in to the platform by visiting You will usually be required to log in whenever you wish to view or make changes to your account, or when you wish to start a parking session. If you wish to avoid having to log in when starting or stopping parking sessions, you can use the ‘Allow parking session management on this device without log in’ checkbox on the login page. Please note that you will still be required to log in to view or make changes to your account even when using this option.

Starting a parking session

You can start a parking session by visiting There are also individual web addresses displayed on stickers in each car park that link directly to a specific start parking page for each car park. The stickers also feature a QR code that may be scanned to visit the web address, and an NFC tag which may be used by NFC enabled smartphones.
If you are not logged in (or have not enabled ‘Allow parking session management on this device without log in’), you will be prompted to log in first. If you have an account, you should log in before continuing. If you do not have an account, please either register an account or choose ‘Continue as a guest’.

Select car park

The first step on the start parking page is to select the appropriate car park. If you launched the service by use of the QR code, NFC tag or web address shown on a sticker, the car park will be selected for you already. To select a car park, click or tap into the dropdown field labelled ‘Search car park or zone’. If a car park is selected already and you wish to change it, simply click or tap the car park name.
The car park may be selected by clicking or tapping the appropriate car park from the list that appears below. Typing characters that appear in the name, address or zone number of the car park will filter the list to make selection easier. The listed car parks will naturally appear in alphabetical order. Clicking or tapping the link labelled ‘Sort by nearest to me’ will display the list in order of your distance from each car park (please note that you may be required to accept permission for the site to access your location).

Select vehicle

Registered customers:

After selecting the car park, the vehicle selection field will appear, with one vehicle preselected. If you have more vehicles on your account, and you wish to change the vehicle, click or tap the field and a list of your other vehicles will appear. Click or tap your choice of vehicle to select it. Typing characters that appear in the vehicles’ registration or description will filter the list to make selection easier.

Guest users:

Guest users will be required to enter the vehicle registration number of the vehicle that they wish to park before continuing.

Select parking session

Once the car park and vehicle have been selected, the available parking sessions will be displayed. If only a small number of options are available, they will be displayed as buttons. If a larger number of options are available, the appropriate option may be selected by dragging a horizontal slider control or selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown field. Each option will indicate the parking session duration (or expiry time), and associated price. Select the appropriate option from the selection available.

Registered users:

Some car parks also offer ‘start-stop’ parking sessions for registered users. Start-stop parking allows customers to start parking without committing to a specific session duration. When the parking session is complete, the session may be stopped and the appropriate fee is calculated. Where available, the start-stop parking option is offered alongside the other available session options for selection.
A session summary ‘pop-up’ panel will be displayed after the appropriate session has been selected confirming all the details that have been selected. The ‘Start parking’ button may then be used to commence the parking session. The clock indicating the duration of the session will then begin counting.

Guest users:

Guest users will be required to enter their payment card details after selecting the appropriate parking session option. Payment is processed immediately after submitting the payment card form. If payment is approved, the session summary ‘pop-up’ panel will be displayed containing the details of the current parking session.

Stopping a parking session

When a parking session is active, all pages of the website will either display a banner at the top of the page including a clock indicating session duration, or will automatically launch the session summary ‘pop-up’ panel. Clicking or tapping the banner will also launch the session summary ‘pop-up’ panel. For registered users, the panel includes a ‘Stop parking’ button that may be used to terminate the current parking session. Please note that it is not possible to stop a parking session started by a guest user.
The parking fee is calculated after the parking session has been stopped. If a parking session is stopped early, it is possible that the calculated fee will be less that the fee originally displayed.
After a parking session is stopped, the final parking fee will be displayed. The parking session will also be recorded in the account sections of the website. A link to the account section will also be made available after a session is stopped or expires naturally. (Please note that you will be required to log in to visit the account section of the website).

Extending a parking session

Active parking sessions of fixed duration may be extended if further options are available beyond the end of the current parking session. A link in the session summary ‘pop-up’ panel may be used to display all the available parking session extension options.
Please note that it is not possible for guest users to extend a parking session.


Guest users pay for each session individually at the start of each session. For registered users, payment is debited from the customer’s registered payment card once a month (on the last day of the month). Payment for all outstanding parking fees resulting from completed parking sessions will be processed in one consolidated transaction. The fees due to be charged from parking session will be available in the account session of the website available at


Selecting the payments tab on the Payment History page within the account section ( will list all the payment transactions made on the account. The ‘View details’ link shown by each payment may be used to visit a page detailing an itemised list of the parking session fees that were included in the payment. A button labelled ‘Download PDF’ is also available of this page that may be used to download an itemised invoice in PDF format.

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